Our Nordmann Fir Christmas Trees

Fresh Cut Christmas Trees

Our fresh cut trees are held at our retail outlet based at Callerton Garden Centre , Stamforham Road , Newcastle upon Tyne.

They are harvested at the last possible from our plantations or on the 30th of November for display at our retail outlet on the 1 December where they can be bought directly or through this website

Our stock is replenished directly from our plantations on a regular basis through-out December ensuring there is a continous supply of Fresh Cut Trees available to our customers.

When buying a Fresh Cut Tree through the internet we will hand select a tree for you from our freshest available stock and dispatch it in time for your requested delivery date

In the event of Covid 19 lock down trees will be selected and dispatched directly from our plantations

Cut to Order Christmas Trees

When you place an order for one of our cut to order christmas trees we will hand select a tree of your choice from our plantations which will then harvested and directly dispatched within 3 days of your chosen delivery date to ensure maximum freshness. 

Cut to Order Commercial Christmas Trees

Our Commercial Christmas trees are grown wider than our domestic Christmas trees to cater for larger spaces found in offices and reception areas again we will hand select a tree of your choice from our plantations which we then harvest and dispatch within 3 days of your chosen delivery date to ensure maximum freshness.

Larger Trees - Trees over 7 Foot

We have a selection of larger christmas trees between 7 and 11 foot.

These trees are cut to order with prices available on request.

please contact us at   " mail@northumbria-christmas-trees.co.uk "   with the details of your requirement and delivery address.


Our Nordmann Fir Crafts

"Nordmann Forest" Essential Oil

Our Nordmann Forest , Nordmann Fir essential oil Is 100% Pure guarenteed and brings to you the beautiful fragrence of our Christmas Trees. 

It is great for use in mist diffusers and incense burners and brings the authentic fragrence of our Nordmann Fir Christmas trees to any room in your home. It is an ideal addition for those who prefer artificial trees and want to add an authentic fragrence to their Christmas display

Here are a few facts and figures regarding our "Nordmann Forest" Nordmann Fir Essential Oil

Our Nordmann Fir Essential Oil is 100% handcrafted in-house by ourselves using our very own trees.

From hand selecting the needles and small branches to using our own small scale steam distillation equipment to bottling and labelling we can guarantee that our Essential Oil is 100% pure.

Currently we believe we are the only Artisan producers of Nordmann fir Essential Oil in the UK

The needles and small boughs used in producing our Essential Oil are hand selected during the trimming and shaping of our Christmas trees allowing the process to be environmentally sustainable

Our trees are NOT treated with Fungicides, Insecticides,Herbicides nor are treated with growth hormones

It takes the equivelent of one 8ft tree in boughs and needles to produce 25ml of essential Oil

Our Essential Oil has been analysed using Gas Chromatography Spectrometry and a Material Safety Data Sheet is available on request